NERIA Collective Membership


You constantly evolve through expression & expansion. You are a caretaker of knowledge and a student of life. You stumble, you fall. You stand up, you grow. You do your deep inner work and you step forward. You are committed to leading by example and empowering your sisters. You have innate knowing that you were put here for a higher reason and you are ready to DIRECT YOUR DESTINY.

WE SEE YOU. Stand Tall. Travel Light. The time is now to Rise & Become.

We’re at a point in our evolution where more and more individuals are waking up to their spiritual gifts and abilities. With this awakening, emerges a great need for important messages to be shared and the foundation created for modern spiritual work.

Modern Society has juxtaposed the physical and spiritual worlds. In true essence, they are designed to work in tandem as you unfold into your true being to fulfill your path and purpose. As human beings, we chose to come here. We came into our body to be embodied, and to make an impact on the world around us.

We are built on this principle: that you can only truly be as spiritual as you are grounded. We know that enlightenment & consciousness are only effective if they have tangible, worldly applications and are used as catalysts to direct you in your everyday life.

The Intersection of Practical Spirituality + Modern Mysticism

Intentionally curated to provide community and camaraderie, our tribe members learn, connect, and thrive in a group space at the intersection of Practical Spirituality & Modern Mysticism.

Regardless of where you are in your spiritual development and unfolding: support and education are at your hands and ready to be tapped into around the pillars of protection, enlightenment, & expansion.

If you come with questions, looking for answers, or are wondering how to explore, develop, and use these aspects of yourself in a way that is safe and protected, then you’re at the right place.

Seek and you will find.  We are you. We are SHE. We came here with mission to activate our light and awaken the light in others.  We are Neria Collective.


Welcome Home.