Vernal Equinox Vibes: “It’s ALL About Me”

By Bella LaQuatra

Vernal Equinox Vibes: “It’s ALL About Me”

Time for a GROUNDED emotional and spiritual check-in.

Keyword: Ground.

The Root Chakra has been front row and center as the emphasis for both BREAK: Online School of Sustainable Self-Mastery  and NERIA Collective. If you’re “feeling it” like so many of us, chances are you’ve found yourself metaphorically and metaphysically in the wall.

Major life changes, delays in plans, unexpected twists and turns, unprecedented anxiety, cliff-hangers, and universal “rerouting” have all been par for the course throughout last autumn and into the winter season. In fact, If I had a dollar for every person I know going through major upheaval, I’d be rolling DEEP.

Transitions get gnarly. Change is hard. You may have felt more than one occasion when the thick got so thick that the “OMG.. is this really happening? I SWEAR I can’t take any more ISH” card came out. But fear not. There’s an explanation. It’s not the end of the world, or is it?

If you caught the Eclipse Portal Blog on, we talked a whole lot about the reboot and restart. Reboot and restart of what, do you ask?

Culture and the majority of our consciousness were dominated by the MASUCLINE energy aspects (ie- The Patriarchy) for the past 2000 + years. Like the Mayans predicted, the dramatic shift felt in 2012 was seed to the rise of the Divine Feminine and shift in consciousness. Therein lies the "end of the world" -as we know it. Presently, in March of 2017, this recollection of HIS-tory has to be retold and replayed by the natural creator: HER-story. How does this translate? Chaos. There is always storm before the calm.

The chaos we’ve been experiencing is the fallout of old ways crashing, rewrites happening as we reorient to our soul’s true path, and a total reboot and upgrade of 3D reality as we know it.

If you’re a woman, chances are you’re feeling it harder and are feeling it now because you’re being called to lead.

This is a huge time for women because the FEMININE aspect is innately attuned to intuitive gifts. Intuition will drive forth this New Age, as well as lead the advancements in consciousness.

The Dalai Lama said it best, “Western Women will save the world”.

Yep, we will. This is the beginning.

Don’t worry, we love men here, too. And the men will catch up. They’re just going to take a little bit longer. This New Age isn’t as much about a power struggle as it’s about joining Feminine & Masculine aspects in Sacred Union.

What the heck does that mean?

Balance, Harmony, Flow, Integration: First we find it within ourselves and then amongst each other. But it’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take a whole lot of good old fashioned WERK.

And so, it’s that time: Time to land on our feet to do the work. We’ve reached the point when the center of the sun and equator are aligned, and lightness will soon preside over darkness.

1. Congratulations! You made it through the worst of it.

2. Happy Solar New Year; and this one is all about YOU. 

The Vernal Equinox is about Resurrection & Rebirth. From an astrological perspective; Mars-ruled Aries signals the beginning.

As we work through layers of unveiling, now is the time to deeply attune yourself to your intention and purpose for the upcoming months. While you may not yet reap the rewards, you’re planting major seeds that will carry you until next winter and onto this New Era. Get out of the clouds, and put your feet on the ground. You’re no longer incubating; the world needs your medicine NOW.

It’s time to give away all you’ve been learning, just make sure not to martyr yourself. Gone are the days and ways of martyrdom.

Imagine yourself: Imagine your energy. If you constantly give it away, your well will run dry. Be smart with where you’re expending yourself and do frequently check-in. Make sure there is a constant ebb and flow between input (what you’re receiving) and output (what you’re giving). Remember that practical implementation requires self- preservation. Execution requires stability. 

Be Soulfish and carry it proudly. Honor yourself. Love yourself. Pay attention to yourself. You say you do, but do you really? How often are you neglecting your own vessel, mind, and heart in the name of the greater good? It's ok to work in service, but don't forget what makes you human. Give yourself the love and attention that you deserve.

Final Verdict:

(Deck Credit: Starchild Tarot Deck)

The Feminine is rising. It's our time to shine; not necessarily in union or in allegiance to anyone but ourselves and our sisters. Right now is a time of practical and grounded work in implementation. Trust & Believe. Hold the vision. And above all else, stay Divine in your own power and authority.  It’s all unfolding in tandem with the universe perfectly.

Bless UP,

Bella LaQuatra, co-founder of NERIA Collective 


all photo credits to Sasha Danielle Photo