The Fallacy of Transcendance

By Bella LaQuatra

For a few of us in the personal & spiritual development community, there are New Age clichés that make us want to cringe and proverbially poke out our third eye.  It’s not so much a vendetta against the traditional “hippie dippie woo woo”, as it is strong conviction that much of the “New Age” is merely a reaction and response to the old-world paradigm: a paradigm that’s rapidly becoming obsolete as we shift into higher spaces of connection and consciousness. 

For those of us who dedicate our lives to facilitating healing and transformation, we see critical flaw in many of the common “New Age” ideals and beliefs. They repackage old paradigm of passively turning over or giving away your innate power and personal sovereignty, yet operate and thrive undetected under the guise of “spirituality”- thus complacency and no real recovery or transformation can occur.

Herein lies the fallacy of “Let’s all be ethereal and transcend”.

Transcendence is commonly misused and trail blazed as a spiritual technique and tool.  By definition: “to transcend” is to surpass the range or limits of something abstract, typically a conceptual field or division. 

First and foremost, it is dangerous to create this abstraction of the human experience. We are solid matter. As human beings, we came into our body to be embodied and to differentiate and navigate through contrasting elements of lightness and darkness.  Contrasting: Not dual. It’s important to establish that contrast and duality are not one in the same. Duality is a man-made construct to understand and make sense of contrast, but unlike duality which draws a hard division and line between “light” and “dark”/ “good” and “evil”, contrast can be integrated. This integration is key to our evolution and our higher consciousness.

Integration cannot occur through transcendence, which is “surpassing” and “bypassing- trying to avoid the dark or not be present to it. Not only is this unhealthy, but this is simply an impossibility given our human nature.  When it comes to committing to the work necessary to reach higher levels of awareness and experience, telling someone to be “ethereal and transcend” is the equivalent of laying down the foundation to a house before leveling the peaks and troughs of the land plot. Sure, you can start building, but at some point- your floors going to crack.

Authentic transformation lies in alchemy.

The path of alchemy is the integration of light and darkness: a non-dual path that doesn’t require “transcending or bypassing”. Instead, it involves entering the darkness and doing the work to integrate that within the light: coming fully into an alignment with our authentic selves. 

To transmute is to change in form, nature, or substance.  When we transmute, we bulldoze our societal programming and emotional patterns to rebuild at a foundational level. This allows us the space for our personal and spiritual growth. From this evolution we step into a space of true leadership and power; aligning into our paths and purposes and allowing us to create legacy and impact in our community and world.