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Spiritual Intelligence

Vernal Equinox Vibes: “It’s ALL About Me”

Time for a GROUNDED emotional and spiritual check-in. Keyword: Ground. The Root Chakra has been front row and center as the emphasis for both BREAK: Online School of Sustainable Self-Mastery  and NERIA Collective. If you’re “feeling it” like so many...

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The Fallacy of Transcendance

For a few of us in the personal & spiritual development community, there are New Age clichés that make us want to cringe and proverbially poke out our third eye.  It’s not so much a vendetta against the traditional “hippie...

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IDENTITY: We've All Got One, Right?

I’ll spare you the long-winded, in-depth and no-doubt nerdy version of my Chakra system lectures for the purpose of this email and skip to the goods. (If you want to dig deeper in Chakra Diagnostic work and personal development, I’d...

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